Name: do you wanna build a snowman?
Artist: sungjae ft. minhyuk
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sungjae: do you wanna build a snowman? come on, let’s go and play
minhyuk: (I never see you anymore)
sungjae: I never see you anymore
minhyuk: (come out the door)
sungjae: come out the door
minhyuk: (it’s like you gone away)
sungjae: it’s like a gone away
minhyuk: (please-)
sungjae: please to the plate…
minhyuk: (and now we’re not)
sungjae: and now we’re not.
minhyuk: (I wish you were…)
sungjae: I wish you were anymorE OK BYEE

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OOC’s in an unusally photogenic mood .-. Mian I’m taking up the space on your dash /cries

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someone flirt with me i am hot and bothered

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And… this is SPEED

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OOC photo -hides- 

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140420; layhan
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"네 생각에 자고 네생각에 깨
I sleep to the thought of you and wake up to the thought of you"

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