Sandeul curled up beside his laptop, surfing the internet and killing time as he stared at the blue dashboard filled with others conversing and laughing. He wished he could be a part of that, but he didn’t know how to approach anyone, and when he did, he wouldn’t be answered or the answer he’d receive was one-worded. Maybe he wasn’t good at this, but he didn’t want to give up. 

A lot of the people that accompanied his dash were members of the very popular boy bands: EXO and VIXX, and he knew he couldn’t compete with their popularity only rising. B1A4 was his family, but those members weren’t around either- only a lonely CNU-bear. He wanted people to talk to and laugh with, for his envelope tab to always have someone willing to talk to him, and he thought of the one way that others had done to get followers: a post.

Sandeul hesitantly opened a new tab to attempt one of these posts, unsure of the results that would become of it, and wrote:

Hello! My name is Lee Sandeul, and I’d like to talk with you! I’m cute, yet pervy, and I’d like to be friends with you~. I’m a cook/baker, I’m partially-deaf, I love to sing and dance, I also enjoy making people laugh! I’ll bake you sweets and feed you happily if you respond to this by following or reblogging this post~ ^^ Happy blogging~

And with that, he clicked the post button and didn’t think of it again, not expecting much from it, but hope still lingered that someone would want to be his friend.

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